Worst Nightmare About Former NFL Player Kevin Ware Really Do This To Taylor Pomaski ?

Written by Terrance Sutton

July 29, 2022

Kevin Ware Taylor Pomaski murder

A possible break in the search for 29 year old Taylor poma Ski. The Harris County sheriff says remains were found in the northern part of the county as part of the investigation into her disappearance remains discovered during a Houston area search in December have been identified as those of Taylor poma Ski, the missing girlfriend of former NFL player Kevin ware.

The identification was made by the sheriff’s office in Harris county Texas and here we are with yet another man with NFL ties suspected with the murder of his girlfriend.

You want to tell me another woman has been killed by an NFL player. Taylor poma Ski was last seen April 25th 2021 at a party at her home in spring Texas.

The Sheriff’s office described her disappearance as suspicious. Her body was found five months ago on December 10th at a site in north Harris County Kevin ware, a former tight end for the san Francisco 49ers was questioned about her disappearance in June of 2021 luckily for the Sheriff’s office where has been in custody in Houston for 10 months,Kevin ware was arrested in Northwest Houston after poma Ski went missing,

he was placed in custody in the Montgomery county jail where he has been ever since.

The Sheriff’s office said that the investigation is still open and active and homicide investigators are working diligently to bring this case to a close. There’s so many women out there who have experienced abuse of some kind that it just needs to stop at this point enough is enough. Already a convicted felon where was held without bond during a hearing on an unrelated case.

The judge said it was for the safety of the community. Seems like they know a lot more than they’re telling us. The no bond ruling stems from an April arrest when deputy C he was driving 100 and 15 miles an hour, investigators said deputies found an ounce of cocaine, some marijuana and methamphetamines along with a loaded AK 47 and a loaded nine millimeter pistol. Seems the judge was right for holding where without bond, you know, for the safety of the community. Of course he’s a danger to the community.

He should never have been on the streets. Unfortunately, it was too late for Taylor poma ski. I feel so bad for Taylor’s family.

They deserve justice.

Kevin Ware Taylor Pomaski murder
Kevin Ware Washington redskins
Kevin Ware san Francisco 49ers

If he’s found guilty of doing this crime murdering an innocent woman,
what do you think should happen to him?
Remember that Texas has a death penalty?

Let me know in the comments below what you think

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