The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Golf Tips: Our Wyndham Championship

Written by Terrance Sutton

August 4, 2022

Another busy week of golfing action. First up to look ahead to the American action that starts on Thursday afternoon? The Wyndham championship in north Carolina been an interesting tournament. And last year there were a few players in a playoff and looking at the betting It looks wide open. Yes, six-way playoff last year and won by very much the sort of player you tend to be looking for at the window in Kevin Kisner and he’s very much in there with a chance again. But I think the one they’ve all got to be in what your right is a very competitive tournament is Song J. M. He’s played 12 rounds here. Never failed to shoot 70 or better. He’s got the best scoring average over the last three years. He could have easily won it on his first two visits and if you go back to last year was only the putter that cost him, he was also the putter that cost him in the open a couple of weeks ago.

He was the worst putter in the field of those who made the cut. But he gave his coach a call, found a fix and then when last we saw him he was running up to Tony fee. Now of course, as frank the form if you like by winning again. So he, for me is the class act here He’s the core specialist here and he is absolutely the right game for the course. So I think some JM at the price is a very fair bet. So son J. M. Is the main pick. But is there anyone else there you fancy that will be in with a squeak? Yeah, take a chance on Davis Riley. A very capable young player contending at the moment for rookie of the year honors. He’ll probably need to win to meet Cameron young to that. But he’s very capable of doing so.

And he’s drifted to a very good price on the back of a couple of miss cuts. Well, that’s kind of what you get with Davis Riley. He’s very volatile. The young player makes a lot of birdies. I think being back in the southern states will help. Went to college in Alabama very much his neck of the woods. He’ll like the Bermuda, He’ll deal very well with the Heat. This is a good course for him. You’ve got to keep your foot down and maybe shoot 2022 under par when he’s gone close to winning this year at events like colonial and in the Valspar. It’s been that sort of golf on this sort of course and I’d be willing to give him the benefit, the data for a couple of quiet weeks because, in terms of talent, he’s probably the top man in the field here.

So limitless potential and hopefully we see him put four rounds together this week. Okay, Son J. M. And Davis Riley, are the main picks for the Wyndham Championship, but Ben coli and paddy power going eight places. I’m sure a lot of customers will be looking for. Players are bigger prices. Is there anyone up there at the bigger prices that catch your eye? Is the value of each way play? Yeah, a couple of like here, Adam Svensson in particular, he’s a promising Canadian 28 years old and coming into his own now. He’s got five top 25 in his last six starts on the PGA tour, probably the best run of form of his career. His irons are dialed in right now, which is generally what you need here at the Wyndham, it’s more a second-shot golf course. You can’t overpower it from the T, but you can attack pins with wedges and he’s doing that better than just about anybody at the moment.

If the potter behaves, he looks to have a massive chance to me and the other one at a much bigger price. Michael Thompson, he’s among the rags here, but he is a two-time PGA Tour winner. He arrives in form, he had his first top 10 in six months, a couple of starts back, he’s backed it up with a couple of top thirties, played well in Detroit last week on of course, which is probably a bit too long for him and he’s got an encouraging record here. He’s made five cuts in 70 shot rounds of 63 64. He’s got a real touch of class on the right sort of golf course He does need it to be a bit shorter and probably with an emphasis on, finding fairways and he’s got that this week. So Michael Thompson at a really big price I think he could go well.

Okay, so for customers in the shops, just check out the coupon and have a quick recap on Ben coli selections there for the Wyndham Championship, Sunday M and Davis Riley are his main place. Adam Svensson and Michael Thompson could be each-way value eight places on the Wyndham championship here with Patty European tour action going and play at the crack of dawn this Thursday and I’m joined by Ben coli of the sporting life to look ahead to the Kazoo Open that’s played in Newport’s in Wales. Formerly the welsh open, the sponsor has taken the name this week, been an interesting tournament. Sean Crocker was very impressive last week and, Birdie told me that’s one of your main places. Yeah, I don’t see any reason why he can’t go in again. I mean obviously, we’re relying on him not having celebrated too hard over there in Scotland, but it’s a short journey over to Wales.

More importantly, Celtic Manor is all about good driving. Well, he’s probably the best driver in this field along with maybe Jordan smith who is right at the top of the market. He’s got all the talent in the world. I think he’ll be a PGA Tour player in time. We were just waiting for him to find something on the greens. He did that in Scotland and if he can keep going with it and it could well be that that opens the floodgates for him. I see no reason he can’t win again. We’ve seen it with Tony Female  Xander Schaufele and obviously, they’re world-class players. But for Sean Crocker who is still outside the world’s top 100, there’s no doubt he’ll be focused on continuing to progress through the ranks and in this season on the front foot and eventually getting back home to the states where he wants to play his golf.

So at the prices, I thought he was a very fair bet, and no reason he can’t go back to back. Okay, so Sean Crocker the main play. Do you like anyone else in the tournament? Yeah, Mattie Schmidt is towards the front of the market as well when we’re talking good drivers, He’s eighth on tour this season in strokes gained off the tee. The seven players ahead of him in that statistical table have all played well here in the past and I think that tells you a heck of a lot about what you need to do at Celtic Manor Schmidt played here last year and made his professional debut. It was just a week after he played so well as an amateur in the Open Championship and he played well again, he just didn’t do much on an around the greens that’s probably the question mark.

But he arrives here in good form. It was only two starts ago. He was a two-shot lead going into the final round of the Barbasol Championship on the PGA Tour. Obviously, at the stage of his career, it’s harder to win over in the States and over here in Europe. If he plays as well as he did that way back over here, he’ll be right in the mix and I’ve got high hopes for the future, but also the immediate future because this is a really good cause for him to

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