2009-2010 Sacramento Kings NBA Season Preview

2009-2010 Sacramento Kings NBA Season Preview

2009-2010 Sacramento Kings NBA Season Preview

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Here at Sparty and Friends, we have reached NBA preview (again). There will be one team per work day leading up to the season opener (Celts vs. Cavs, October 27th at 7:30pm on TNT). The teams are ordered by record starting with last place and going up through the non-playoff teams, followed by the playoff teams in order of elimination (or lack there of in the Lakers’ case). Now let’s have a late Sac(To) lunch…

The Kings are making progress. No, really. They have a young core of players and got better in the draft. They have some bad contracts, but in a few years they will be out of those. They’ll probably be out of Sacramento as well. Sad, but true. Wait… sad? Maybe not. You know what? Not sad. The only thing that I associate with the Kings in Sac’to right now are these; The Webber Era (disappointing by all accounts), Arco Arena (often loud, always bad), Shaq calling them “The Queens” (funny, but not a positive for the franchise), and their insanely ugly alternate jerseys (one of the ugliest things ever worn by anybody in the history of the universe, seriously). I guess they should leave town. Either way, I’m leaving. Where am I going? They call in “the jump” or something…

John Calipari

So let’s get the stats out of the way first…

Last Year’s Record: 17-65 (last in the Pacific Division, last in the Western Conference, last in the NBA)

Last Year’s Prediction (GITC): 20-25 wins, 11-15 in the Western Conference

Coach: Paul Westphal

Expected Starting Lineup: Beno Udrih, Kevin Martin, Fransisco Garcia, Jason Thompson, Spencer Hawes

Expected Bench Contributors: Sergio Rodriguez, Tyreke Evans, Andres Nocioni, Donte Greene

sacramento kings jersey
sacramento kings roster

Well, I was right that they could have come in last! I’m not sure anybody thought they’d win only 17 games. That’s awful. On the plus side, Garcia and Hawes have moved from the bench to starting, K-Mart 2.0 is as good as ever, and Thompson has developed really well out of almost nowhere (unless you really know your NBA and deep mid-majors). On the other hand, there’s Beno Udrih. It’s not that he’s bad, it’s that he’s a crippling cap figure. Making upwards of 32 million bucks over 5 years isn’t exactly what you want to be paying a point guard who averages 11 points and less than 5 assists per game.

Tyreke Evans was a terrible draft pick at #4. That of course is because RICKY FREAKING RUBIO was still on the board, but whatever. Will Evans be good? Sure. At least he got drafted to a team with a point guard so that he doesn’t have to try to play that position. He would fail miserably at it in the NBA. There’s just no way that he can dribble and pass at that level. I’ve been watching him since he was in high school and he’s a great attacker of the basket. Other than that? I’m not sure he brings a bunch more to the table. I doubt he’ll be a multiple time all star or anything, but very few are.

Video of the Day time! Speaking of Jason Thompson, one of the great things about being an NBA rookie is you get a new car. The bad thing that comes with being an NBA rookie is that sometimes your teammates fill your car with popcorn. Wait, what?!?

Now starting a new feature! This is called… Best Comment From Last Season’s Preview of This Team! Alright so it doesn’t have a great name. BCFLSPTT isn’t that catchy. You come up with a better name. Seriously. E-mail me. Anyway, the award goes to… Sparty! Here it is:

“dude, when the coach from Hang Time is the man in charge, everything should be a-ok.

This was in reference to the fact that last season the Kings were coached by Reggie Theus.

All this being said, the Kings are not going to be good. Better? Well, they have few other options. Namely being worse or the same. Neither of those seem plausible because 17 wins is really low. I’m going to repeat my prediction from last season.

Prediction: 20-25 wins, 11-15 in the Western Conference

Guyinthecorner is an author here at spartyandfriends.com. He writes the NBA section, X-Games section, and contributes to College Basketball and MLB. He doesn’t watch hockey except when the circumstances are dire. He’s not sure how to rate Michael Phelps on the scale of athletes not only because he doesn’t directly compete against people, but because he is a fish. He doesn’t understand the hate for the 2002 National Champion Maryland Terrapins and wishes everybody would just shut up by now. He is known for having statistical formulas and might be Bill James or Joe Lunardi depending on who you ask. His identity is as hidden as many times over as the number of internet memes he employs in his comments. Some have called him “The Riddler.” “GITC” is an acronym for guyinthecorner in case you aren’t that perceptive.

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