Receiver Andy Jean 247 is committed to the Gators

Written by Terrance Sutton

July 30, 2022

Receiver Andy Jean

Receiver Andy Jean is committed to the Gators at their second commitment today Saturday, July 30th joints four-star safety Jordan himself committed earlier today.

Andie Jean as you sit out there watching the gator cookout with a bunch of top prospects in town right now, why you’re covering a cookout if you’re not going to get the ribs at 2 in the same day with that with a tagine pulling into the fold and I can’t say enough nice things about Native at Miami Northwestern one of the Premier schools in South Florida in the number he’s put up against the competition that they play against. I think he’s got good football speed runs great routes and he’s kind of one of the more Dynamic players to go with an RT really impressive wide receiver classes for his putting together so Carrie Koker man that guy is hot on the trail right now if he gets another one of his top targets along with Carrie Colbert being involved here quit Raymond was big in there being the area recruiter Benedict Hyperlite who is on the off-field role as assistant why are you running backs coach has a lot of ties South Florida at Miami so those are the Florida State game coming out of an official visit.

There in late June, this is one word this was a guy that at the time of June while he had four, was thinking about taking things in the fall you’re seeing some of these top schools play some games, check things out to gauge that how they would do in the fallen order through persistent through having them on campus over the night-lights on Saturday for the cookout near got him to move his timeline if your knee is joining both it’s a big win for Florida to 16 total 2023 recruit meaning of them are considered four stars on the 24/7 Sports composite.

if I miss anybody but then out consists of eating Mizell and Jean Eugene Wilson Creek Whittemore and Tyra Patterson in four of those guys are in the 4-star category a couple of them in the top 24/7 and Carrie Colbert just going out really showing that he can recruit putting together at the clock at the wide receiver position to be seen more. This is a pretty deep class and it’s getting hits there are a lot of guys is it sake or where do they go now?


andy jean receiver
Andy Jean 247
Andy jean

Things slow down in his story is someone out there that Florida is looking at it, the question with him is do you need another wide receiver because that’s one says he’s being looked at Noah see a guy that you need when you already have a pretty solid class is also being looked at as a safety another area, any Jordan to spell as they did earlier in the day on Saturday that with him being an athlete it’s more where does he fit and where do they feel like he’s the best if they do go that route but right now, for this pretty happy with the wide receiver Hall they have this week for Florida recruiting without question for recruiting three days they jumped up for number 23 now at number 12 in the 2023 team recruiting rankings.

Do you think we could see them climb within the next week is that camp starting on August 3rd?

The actual football team guys were already in Gainesville. Officially are we going to see more gross? you always say gauge your class at the end of July that’s where you get your solid nucleus of guys or you have that Rush of guys that want to be done before the start of their senior year that maybe sometime in the later part of July like what we’re seeing now maybe a couple go and tell you the early part of August the others there’s some guys that we can make you see depending on their timeline looks like, things will slow down it’s making more money right now you would like to change it to see some guys have a visit go good on Saturday weather at the cookout and there’s still a lot of water maybe things are still fluid there and we’ll maybe have a better idea about that after the cookout of some of these guys are here but that general just from what I’ve seen through recruiting is he has that thing where it fixing of that timeline of to end of July where things really pick up and do guys get their decisions and then that’s where you gauge, where your classes and then you kind of see things slow down with the season starting in August and into the fall but he will pick back up obviously with the dead.

Opens back up Vishal visits for games official visit for games but you know that depends more so on anything on the timeline because a lot of recruiting class at the end of July before they head into kind of season mode here a couple of big prospects as you mentioned still on the table for the Gators as well to the room to grow in with that we are going to bid you farewell from this breakdown again for Star wide receiver Danny change to commit to a turn on Saturday, July 30th in the afternoon.


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