San Francisco Giants is Ready To Trade Joc Pederson and Carlos Jordan

Written by Terrance Sutton

August 1, 2022

San Francisco Giants

Today is a hot topic to talk about and that is Carlos Jordan and joc Pederson potentially getting traded off by the San Francisco Giants at this year’s trade deadline with Reagan having an opt out after this season and Joc Pederson being a free agent. They’re both not going to stay with the team after this season. So, the best thing to do right now for them is to trade them off and get something in return while they can this year ridden has a 3.18 E. R. A. With a 3.1 and that is really good. That’s some top of the line starter type quality pitching. So yeah he’s definitely gonna be looked at by a bunch of the contenders. He could really help out someone that’s trying to make a run for the playoffs.


A team like the Yankees or even the twins who really need pitching something like that. Maybe Carlos Ridden and Joc Pederson are involved in a one trade like they’re both going somewhere for crap a load of prospects so we don’t really know yet but they could either get sent to two different places or to the same places we don’t know yet. So places that I think that Roden can end up already said the Yankees already said the twins. I also think you get sent to the Astros. The Astro’s don’t end up getting any pitching because they were in on Luis Castillo but he went to the rivals so they might look somewhere else and also another team is the Atlanta Braves, they might need a starting pitcher kind of out of the blue move that they might make.

Juan Soto
joc Pederson
carlos Jordan

So, I definitely think you can go to the Atlanta Braves. Maybe I don’t really see the Milwaukee brewers. Maybe the Cardinals, they’re looking to make a big splash, you know they’re in on Juan Soto. So if they get Juan Soto, they’re definitely out on Reardon But yeah so my teams are the Yankees, twins Astros those are the top three for me. Then I’d say Cardinals if they don’t get Soto and be prepared for them to be in it. If they don’t get Juan Soto and also the Braves, I don’t think anyone  from the National League West would be willing to trade in division. So I don’t think he goes anywhere there. But yeah that’s where I think he goes now let’s move over to his teammate Joc Peterson. Joc Pederson has been part of World Series winning teams for the past two years last year and he got traded to the Braves at the deadline.


They ended up winning the World Series and in 2020 he was with the Dodgers who won the World Series. So there’s a good chance whoever gets traded to maybe an early prediction for the World Series winners. I don’t know I’m just saying but yeah if he gets traded he definitely can go on a like a team like someone that needs a D. H. Maybe like the brewers could definitely be an option. Even the Yankees even though they just got Andrew Benintendi they might still need to edit bat while they’re getting rid of Gallo and maybe benching Hicks. So they could definitely be an option. A lot of teams could be in the mix for Joc Pederson this season. Jacques has 17 home runs with a 242 average and he’s playing solid defense too as you can see in some of the place that he is making.


So he’s definitely serviceable out there in the outfield. Not great by any means but he could definitely hold you over into the playoffs. His bat definitely makes up for his for his defense. We already talked about some suitors for him but let’s go over him once again. I think the rays could definitely be in on him. They’re looking for another outfielder and he could hit bombs in Tropicana field. I know it’s a weird place to hit home runs but they definitely need offense and Joc Pederson might be a way to go. I already said the Yankees they’ve always been rumored to get him you know even in free agency they’ve been rumored to sign him and stuff. So I definitely think the Yankees could be a possibility They could they’re one of the teams that could do both Carlos cordon and Joc Pederson.


So yeah, if the White Sox find themselves back in playoff contention, they could go for a Joc Peterson. The Guardians could be another option. He also has a chance to go back to the team he was on last year, the Braves, they’ve been looking for an outfielder and Joc Peterson might be the way they go. Once again, we already talked about the brewers needing an offensive bat. Joc Pederson could be that for them. So yeah, those are some teams that I think that he could go to that’s gonna do it.

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